Discover our personalized space planning services, meticulously designed to ignite your vision and optimize your living space for functionality and style.

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About Our Renovation Service

Our renovation service is dedicated to maximizing the functionality and aesthetics of your living space. With a focus on personalized solutions, we ensure that every corner of your home is optimized to suit your lifestyle and needs.



Streamlined space planning for optimized functionality and seamless living environments.

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Collage of furniture for a bedroom, including a bed frame, dresser, nightstand, and lamp
Living room with a coffee table

Experience a holistic design journey with Olympia Design Studio. From conceptualization to the final details, our commitment to a full-service approach ensures that every aspect of your project is handled with precision and care, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

At Olympia Design Studio, we go beyond aesthetics; we deliver tangible value. Our meticulous attention to detail, combined with a keen understanding of your unique vision, ensures that every design choice adds not only beauty but also lasting functionality to your space.

Consider us more than just designers—consider us your partners in crafting spaces that tell your story. Our collaborative approach involves you every step of the way, building a partnership that goes beyond the project, and creating homes that resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our design philosophy. Trust Olympia Design Studio for transparent, honest, and ethical practices. From the initial consultation to project completion, our commitment to integrity ensures your experience is not only beautiful but also trustworthy and reliable.

Our Services

Design Consultation

This is the first step in the interior design process. During this 90-minute site meeting, we will discuss your vision for how you want to utilize the space, design styles that appeal to you, timeline for completion and budget. This session may be all you need to make the space your own. Otherwise, you will receive a proposal for the scope of work which may include one of the services listed below.



Design Consultation

Design Fee:  $150

Designer On-Demand

This offering is best when you have a vision for a DIY space and want advice on space planning, visual representations and access to trade resources.



Designer On-Demand

Timeframe:  10-14 days

What's Included: Room Board, Space Plan and Shopping List

Design Fee:  $1,500 paid at time of contract signing and includes an option to purchase additional design time

Space Planning - Olympia Design Studio

Room Design

This is a full service design offering that results in a room that suits your way of life and represents your individual style. We will implement a plan that includes lighting, wall color, window and floor coverings, furniture, art and decor. This offering applies to spaces that don’t require demolition, carpentry or changes to electrical or plumbing systems.



Room Design

Timeframe:  45-90 days depending on the availability of products

What's Included: Installation of lighting, wall, window and floor coverings, furniture, art and decor

Design Fee: Starts at $3,000, with $1,500 due at time of contract signing with occurring expenses invoiced bi-weekly

Living room with a couch


This is a full service offering that integrates interior design with a variety of trades such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers to complete the project. Typically, these projects are kitchen and bathroom remodels but may include other rooms as well. In addition to creating the aesthetic for a space, this offering includes selection and installation of cabinetry and appliances and organization of trades people.



Timeframe:  90+ days

What's Included: Technical drawings, installation of furnishings and fixtures and project management

Design Fee: Starts at $5,000, with $2,500 due at time of contract signing with occurring expenses invoiced bi-weekly

Bathroom with a sink, mirror, and shower
Living room with a flat-screen TV mounted on a wall

Optimize Your Space with Our Expert Planning

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